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On Tuesday May 22 next, NDL/HIDC will be organizing the 27th National Distribution Day (NDD) entitled ´Beyond Logistics; Sharing knowledge in the chain is the key for success’. The event will take place at ‘De Arendshoeve’ in Aalsmeerderbrug.
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Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC) helps you design the most effective route to reach your customers in Europe or beyond, supporting your business strategy and drive excellent customer experience.
HIDC provides the answers to your European Supply Chain challenges. We understand your business, know about logistics, legal and financial regulations, and give neutral advice on the best partner for your logistics activities.
Our services are free of charge and confidential.

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  • logo alpha bioNoa Feit, Purchasing Manager Alpha-Bio Tec, “HIDC and NFIA have been instrumental in clarifying and speeding up the whole process of setting up our outsourced European operation."

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  • Logo Nusil - website

    NuSil Technology (Carpinteria, CA), a manufacturer of silicone-based materials for the healthcare, aerospace, electronics, and photonics industries, recently opened a new stocking warehouse in Rotterdam.

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  • Accedian

    Accedian has been able to quickly improve its supply chain in Europe through the help provided by NDL/HIDC. With the multitude of potential partners, it was difficult for Accedian to determine who would be the perfect fit considering our growing needs. NDL/HIDC with their surveys and visits to our office were able to select 5-6 potential companies that could meet our needs.

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  • Moduslink

    Scott Crawley, President, Global Operations, Sales and Marketing, ModusLink: “The Netherlands is a highly strategic logistics hub in Europe, and our company and our clients have enjoyed many benefits over the last 25 years from our location in Apeldoorn.

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  • “We were discussing earlier today how valuable this trip has been to us and to our organization. We all agreed that was a result of your planning and support.

    Thanks for setting up a great series of meetings, for answering all of our crazy questions and for driving us around.’’


  • Hair Direct, Inc.

    Bill Biesecker, President of Hair Direct, Inc.: "NDL/HIDC has been instrumental in gathering the information we needed to solidify our strategy for the European market. Without their network of contacts, establishing our business in Almere would have been extremely difficult and time consuming."

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  • MiaSolé

    As per October 1, 2012, MiaSolé will outsource its European distribution to MOL Logistics in the Netherlands. NDL/HIDC provided MiaSolé with a selection of logistics service providers which matched their requirements.

    Paul Sura, Director Materiels/Supply Chain Management MiaSolé: “The extra hands-on attention of NDL/HIDC is greatly appreciated and the outcome was a better understanding of each provider’s capabilities and opportunities for MiaSolé.”


  • pilot

    Pilot Freight Services, Inc.

    Amsterdam chosen for its great access to major European and Asian markets (Lima, PA) Pilot Freight Services, a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics services, announced today that it has opened a station in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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  • SCP

    Structured Cable Products, Inc.

    Structured Cable Products, Inc. announces the opening of a new European Distribution Center in Moerdijk, The Netherlands, which will serve as the main distribution hub for their European customers.

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  • Albion

    Albion Laboratories, Inc.

    Nathan Neslon, General Counsel Albion Laboratories, Inc.: "Our company launched a “sale-direct-to-Europe” campaign for one of its divisions. The project envisioned selling products that were manufactured in the States directly to European users of those products.

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  • NNR

    New Dutch warehouse for NNR Global Logistics

    In October 2010, NNR Global Logistics opened a new operation in the Netherlands, consisting of a warehouse and offices, in order to reinforce its European presence.

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  • Pedro's

    “NDL/HIDC substantially reduced the time it took to select potential warehouse partners. Their database of logistic partners and knowledge of the business is valuable in the initial stages. It would probably have taken us several months longer to reach what we achieved in a month’s time”, says Lars Hellsten, Partner of SaVI.

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    Combisafe International

    Founded in Sweden in the early 80’s, Combisafe International has led the development of innovative safety solutions for over 25 years, introducing revolutionary new systems and products to the construction industry throughout the world.

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  • Juliska

    “We found NDL/HIDC’s advice invaluable. Their knowledge of European logistics and the players in the Dutch logistics market saved us lots of time and provided us with the right contacts from the start”, says Juliska’s Head of Sales for Europe & Asia, Deborah Holden.

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  • Tanita

    “Whenever you look for a service, go to the place where professionals gather and where knowledge is shared to find the best offer. The Netherlands is that place”, says Marc Kastermans, Chief Commercial Officer of Tanita Europe B.V.

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