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Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC) – Dutch: Nederland Distributieland (NDL) – is a private, non-profit organization providing matchmaking services for logistics partnerships in Europe. HIDC represents the Dutch logistics sector, and helps international companies make a smooth entry into the European market through the region’s leading gateway, the Netherlands.

HIDC provides the answers to European supply chain challenges. Regulatory compliance is an essential component of international trade. With that in mind, HIDC helps companies use their own strengths to maximize their benefits. A solid and transparent supply chain ensures hassle-free operations within the EU.

Furthermore, our experienced staff advises large and smaller companies on ways to minimize costs of supply chain operations in the European market. We can help you find the reliable logistics partner that suits your needs best, based on our extensive member base, years of experience and in-depth knowledge of European logistics. All advisory services are free of charge, totally confidential and without any obligation.

HIDC works closely together with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, an operational unit of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. Their offices are located in North America, Asia and Europe.




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