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The Holland Logistics Library is a unique alliance between government agencies, knowledge institutes and companies / commercial organizations working together to promote the Dutch logistics sector. Their common goal is to be the best logistics country in the world by 2020. This means being the best business location in Europe, having the best supply chain control and being a gateway to Europe and the world.

To achieve these goals and retain this status, the logistics sector has identified multiple actions in areas including cross-chain control centers, ICT solutions, synchromodality, service logistics, supply chain finance, human capital and simplified rules and regulations. The Holland Logistics Library is dedicated to promoting Dutch knowledge, expertise and innovations. It supports individual companies and commercial organizations and local, regional and national government agencies in strengthening their international market position by offering all relevant and current information with the right proposition and branding.

The Holland Logistics Library is an initiative of the Dutch Platform Foreign Promotion Logistics, supported by the Top Sector Logistics and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The platform is represented by Transport and Logistics Netherlands, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, Holland International Distribution Council, Dinalog, Schiphol Group, Port of Rotterdam, regional economic development agencies and the ministries of Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Infrastructure and Environment.

The Holland Logistics Library aims to serve everyone who promotes the Netherlands in terms of logistics, local, regional and national government agencies, knowledge institutes, colleges and universities and small and large companies / commercial organizations.

Holland Logistics Library




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