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Europe: growing market for life sciences & health

Over the past decade the global life sciences & health sector has experienced healthy growth and is expected to continue growing. The European Union is an increasingly interesting market for companies in pharma, medical devices and e-health. Apart from well-developed healthcare systems, Europe has a large consumer base, an aging population and rising health expenditure.

To scale up your European operations, the Netherlands is the perfect hub. It is the most concentrated life sciences & health region in the world, with more than 400 innovative R&D life sciences & health companies within a 120-mile radius. Industry here is well positioned in molecular imaging, medical informatics, biopharmaceuticals, human and veterinary vaccines, regenerative medicine and biomaterials, medical technology and health infrastructure. The Dutch logistics sector provides also abounds with third-party logistics specialized in medical logistics.

Many life sciences & health companies therefore base their (European) headquarters, marketing & sales office or distribution center in the Netherlands.

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Facts and figures

  • Annual exports by the Netherlands life sciences sector total 37 billion euros: 12 billion in pharma and 25 billion in medical devices.
  • The sector invests over 2 billion euros in R&D each year.
  • The Netherlands has 8 university medical centers, 14 research universities and 137 general hospitals.
  • Total healthcare expenditure in the Netherlands is 12% of GDP, amounting to 68 billion euros (2012).
  • Approximately 1.1 million people work in the Dutch healthcare sector (2011).
  • There are almost 25,000 medical technology companies in Europe, of which small or micro-sized companies account for nearly 95%.
  • The European medical technology industry employs over 575,000 people.

From the Dutch region 170 million consumers (half of the EU) are served within a 300-mile radius and approximately 244 million consumers within a 600-mile radius.

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