European e-commerce is booming

E-commerce is a booming business. After Asia and Northern America, Europe is one of the biggest e-commerce markets in the world. The European market is expanding rapidly and has massive growth potential. Key to continuing growth in e-commerce for any enterprise is to set up an efficient pan-European fulfillment model from manufacturer to delivery that meets e-sales needs today and tomorrow. Customers appreciate a range of options (in products, delivery times and speed), low transport costs and hassle-free return possibilities. As more products are sold internationally, regional and European distribution centers are expected to be used more frequently for e-fulfillment.

The Netherlands is pivotal as the e-gate to Europe. Apart from its proximity to the main e-markets in the UK, Germany and France and its extensive multimodal infrastructure, the Netherlands has a variety of high quality e-fulfillment service providers, from courier providers, global express networks, and third party logistics service providers to specialized e-fulfillment players that offer all services including back office. They can help any e-commerce company implement the integrated supply chain model that best meets its needs.

Your benefits in the Netherlands

  • Centrally located in close proximity to e-commerce markets in Germany, France and the UK.
  • Extensive infrastructure with mainports and multimodal hinterland connections.
  • Easy access to European overnight transport networks (both air and road).
  • Strong presence of e-fulfillment operations (own account and outsourced).
  • Sophisticated logistics service providers specialized in e-commerce supply chains and specialty support services (ICT).
  • Operational excellence, higher picking accuracy and increased productivity.
  • Late order cut-off times (9:00 PM) compared with e.g. Germany and the UK (12:00 PM – 4:00 PM).
  • Innovative knowledge institutes in e-commerce (e.g. Eindhoven University of Technology and Knowledge Distribution Center Limburg).
  • High quality and availability of real estate solutions for e-fulfillment.
  • Highly educated, multi-lingual and flexible workforce.
  • Pro-business climate and attractive tax benefits.

Facts and figures

  • 816 million people live in Europe, 565 million of them use the Internet (69%), and 264 million are e-shoppers (32%).
  • Europe has over 645,000 online businesses and more than 2 million jobs in e-commerce (directly or indirectly); over 3.7 billion parcels are shipped annually.
  • European top 400 web shops comprise 56% e-tailers (online only), 38% retailers (‘bricks & clicks’) and 6% manufacturers.
  • Online retail share of total market averages 7.2% in Europe and 7.1% in the Netherlands (2014).
  • In the Netherlands, online sales revenues amounted to 9 billion euros in 2011, sold from 37,500 web shops.
  • Estimated growth of e-commerce share by 2020: 25% of total retail sales (currently 6%), especially in consumer electronics, lifestyle goods, hardware components and medical devices.

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