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logo alpha bioFor over 25 years, Israel based Alpha-Bio Tec has been a leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing implants, prosthetics parts, Bio materials and a variety of dental surgical instrumentation. Alpha-Bio Tec believes in making implantology simple, while manufacturing the highest quality products for the global market and providing customers with the best service possible… Simplantology!

Alpha-Bio Tec strives to provide its customers with simple, high quality solutions. Delivery time is one of it. Alpha-Bio Tec, as a growing company with the need to ease logistics and meet customer expectations related to order volumes and order delivery times, started looking into changing their European supply chain set-up for their high-end dental implants, and came into contact with HIDC and NFIA.

HIDC and NFIA supplied Alpha-Bio Tec with advice and relevant contacts for structuring a direct supply chain into Europe.

Tax and duties compliancy was addressed first. In order to define the most tax effective supply chain for Alpha-Bio Tec and its customers fiscal representation and VAT deferment were discussed.

Furthermore HIDC provided Alpha-Bio Tec with a selection of 8 logistics service providers, capable of handling their European logistics (warehousing, labeling & distribution), as an alternative for their current direct air shipments. Alpha-Bio Tec selected CEVA Logistics Headoffice B.V. for the logistics operation in combination with VAT Assist, a Mazars company, for fiscal representation.

Noa Feit, Purchasing Manager Alpha-Bio Tec, “HIDC and NFIA have been instrumental in clarifying and speeding up the whole process of setting up our outsourced European operation.

The Netherlands has been chosen to be Alpha-Bio Tec’s European hub because of its advantages as follows:

  1. Location – mid Europe, close to Air Ports/Sea Ports
  2. Transportation variety of options – Trucks, Carrier, Courier
  3. Experienced/Professional logistics sector
  4. Vat Deferment




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