The Netherlands is attractive to European supply chain services

Logistic sites in the Netherlands score very high on quality

In the recent study “Benchmarking Dutch regions from a supply chain perspective,” Dutch logistic sites compare well to very well with those of foreign competitors. Conditions are excellent for setting up European supply chain services, by comparison with sites in other countries. Total chain costs tend to be highly competitive as well.

Qualitative edge of the Netherlands
Concluding observations:

  • Locations in the Netherlands are highly competitive in terms of cost and quality alike, when considering European distribution centers for lifestyle and chemicals and West-European distribution centers for agro food.
  • The Dutch qualitative edge also makes the Netherlands highly competitive among regional fulfilment centers (e-commerce distribution) and regional distribution centers for pharma and among European distribution centers for medical technology, high tech and spare parts. While German and East-European locations for labor-intensive facilities are priced more competitively, they score lower on quality.

The study compares the competitive strength of 9 Dutch locations for 8 types of distribution centers (specific cases in each industry and differing in terms of geographic supply patterns). The benchmark analyses compare 5 cost variables and 26 quality variables.

Nederland Distributieland, following a request from Top Sector Logistics, in conjunction with three regional development companies (BOM, LIOF, Oost NV), the Rotterdam and Amsterdam port industries and Schiphol Airport, commissioned Buck Consultants International to conduct this benchmark study.



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