Minimizing costs

Our experienced staff at Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC) advises large and smaller companies on ways to minimize costs of supply chain operations in the European market. We can help you find or choose the reliable logistics partner that suits your needs best. At no cost.

By centralizing your supply chain operations, and taking control, you will be able to do business with more dealers and re-sellers, reduce operational costs, increase market share and sales volume, and enhance customer experience and supply chain quality without any dependency.

Regulatory compliance is an essential component of international trade. With that in mind, we will help you using your own company’s strengths to maximize the benefits and address the challenges of operating in the European market. Remember, a solid and transparent supply chain gives you peace of mind and ensures hassle-free operations within the EU.

Please, contact us for independent advice, evaluation of your business case or access to our matchmaking services. Services provided by Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC) are co-funded by the Dutch government and the industry and therefore free of charge to international companies.




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